Trade 4 Peace (T4P) is to build trade harmony by breaking down the silos of trade to innovate opportunities for establishing interdisciplinary approaches on leveraging the multilateral trading system and security in order to establish a fair trade cycle, to strengthen our worlds economy and peace.

The main objectives of T4P:

  To support the efforts of Peace acceding projects, through information and experience sharing.

  To examine & facilitate the integration of global economies through fair peace accession-related reforms, trade policy frameworks in institutions.

  Establishing partnerships with other international organisations, multinational companies, academic institutions and professional associations.

  Showcasing achievements at various forums that will explore the intersections among multilateral trade, peace and security by conducting outreach programs.

  Focusing on peace as an enabler of economic prosperity and human resilience in a post-pandemic world.   Working to create attitudes, structures and institutions that underpin and sustain peaceful societies.

  Promoting transparency and good governance.