Investing in women and respecting their human rights is the surest way to lift communities and countries, and this investment will help to achieve the 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development. The initiative of SHE Series with SHE’s Leader & SHE Speaks, gives an opportunity to reflect on the road ahead. When we talk about the progress of women, we are talking about the progress of nations. Similar initiatives can lead the way for greater commitment and action.

Women around the world are hesitant to often speak out on their issues and sickness due to various reasons, which is the major cause of missing out on screening, detecting and diagnosing with the early symptoms. This global forum #SHEspeaks of WHD has comprehensively promoted Breast Cancer awareness program to emphasise the vitality of self-care to a large global audience.

A spirit of celebration, to recognise the manifestly beneficial and vital achievements and contributions of our inspirational women. Dr Syed support Women’s right in every way he can, with every ounce of his energy and commitment. As he believes, Equal opportunity for women is not a gift but a right.