World Moral Day is the ray of hope for humanity and the earth. Moral values are essential for us to understand the judgement to make the right choices. By choosing the right directions, we can build the character and contribute to a better society. The first step taken in the right direction to open our heart and mind is "World Moral Day". This campaign is to emphasise the significant need to practice morality in the minds of every individual in this world. By connecting leaders and U.N Envoys of various Countries to extend their support in favour of making a petition for the United Nations to declare a day as "World Moral Day".

Dr Syed strongly believes that instilling & celebrating moral education as the key to for a peaceful world. The values such as Loyalty, Generosity, Integrity, Compassion, Equality, etc., help us to engage moral dialogue with others constructively. Moral Values motivates our thoughts, judgement and actions to support and redirect us to the right decision, preference and character to contribute to the growth of society. "World Moral Day" will mark the beginning of a remarkable place for the entire humanity